Monday, July 21, 2014

I am obsessed with tomatoes

I made stuffed tomatoes for dinner tonight. Leftovers will be brought to work and school tomorrow. Everybody loved them. We used pancetta instead of bacon. I wish there was a way to freeze tomatoes - it would be awesome to make this all throughout the year. I had Josh make garlic bread to go with our tomatoes. It didn't go well. He forgot he was cooking and went out for a run. Alex rescued the bread before it burned.

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One crazed mommy said...

Poor Josh - I can relate. Not too long ago I had a pizza in the oven for my hubby - before it was finished my daughter asked me to go on a bike ride with out we went, pizza completely forgotten. Luckily hubby came downstairs before it was burned to a crisp - he said it was edible, but pretty crunchy! :)