Tuesday, August 19, 2014

All the Big Feelings

A girl at work had what seems like a nervous breakdown today. She had to go home early and everything. This really pissed off another girl, which pissed me off.

Basically, between Robin Williams killing himself and the way the police are handling themselves in St. Louis, last week was really intense. Today this girl was going on and on about how scary it is, how she can't sleep, she looks at police differently, etc. The catch? She's white. She basically worked herself into a tizzy (I am a terrible person because of wondering if she was faking it to cut out of work early) and got sent home.

The girl who got pissed off is black. She started going on and on about white privilege and how spoiled rich white bitches have no right to be upset or scared. For the most part I agree with her, but I didn't need to hear her bitch about it for three hours straight, and finally just packed up my stuff and left to finish working at home.

I'm reading this book that takes place in a concentration camps during WWII, and when it got really intense I started to calm down by thinking, "Well it was hell, but it can't ever happen again." But then I realized ... people probably thought a lot of the things going on in Ferguson couldn't happen, after all the work done in the 60's. So maybe the girl from work is right to be scared. Maybe none of us are safe, after all.

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Kizz Robinson said...

I'm glad you had the option to bail and work at home. It does feel super over the top to break down over it and have to leave work, especially if you don't have loved ones directly in on the events. On the other hand you're right, it's scary because it could totally happen again and we aren't safe and the behavior is unconscionable.