Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This weekend we had to attend a cousin's bar mitzvah. At the reception we sat at a table with cousins of Josh's who were all in their 20's and 30's. It's a reminder that I'm not at the kids table anymore at Micah's bar mitzvah and at life.

For so long I've felt like this is just a game (that can't be lost, but still) of playing at being an adult. Except now there are little signs like which table to sit at, that indicate it's not a game anymore. Shit is real. Sitting with adults and having to talk about boring adult things like ISIS or how we're all sexually harassing Jennifer Lawrence when we look at her nude pictures or the crisis in the Midwest. I sat among people who honestly said things like, "Remind me to find out who Julia used for the flowers; they're just stunning."

Nobody wanted to talk about which of the boys were cutest, Jersey Belle, which dresses we liked best, or anything fun. I was polite. I didn't get drunk at the open bar. I sat with the other adults while the kids played the games led by the band. I did not get a party favor.

Bar and bat mitzvahs were so much more fun when I was 11-14.


Anonymous said...

All part of growing up. You find new things to talk about and find new things to have fun doing. You are doing fabulously at this growing up stuff!!! keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

I think you have grown up quite enough. Being boring is NOT grown up, it is just boring.
You can have fun and still be a grown up - hope you figure out how to do it with style.
Kind Regards '

Anonymous said...

I thought you were living with your crazy aunt who neglected you and taking care of your younger sisters when you were 11-14. Whose bar mitzvahs were you going to during those years?


sam said...

Noelle, I went to the bar and bat mitzvahs of Jewish friends. This is NY. Everyone has jewish friends here.

Anonymous said...

How did you have a dress to wear and a present to bring when you were 11-14? A few years later you decided Alex couldn't go to a bar mitzvah because she didn't have those things. So how were you able (by that definition) to go?

Anonymous said...

I am 48 and would have loved to talk about Jersey Belle, cute dresses and boys. Cathy has it right. Being an adult doesn't necessarily = boring. There is plenty of time to discuss "important" things. We don't need to do it all the time. People need to lighten up.