Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Do more, do better, be more clear

For the last couple of weeks I've been thinking that my cooking has really been slipping lately. All the dinners have been quick and easy. Then last night Josh mentioned he wants to be more proactive in cooking for us. So I jumped on that and told him, so do I.

Tonight I made herb butter, homemade pasta and gravy. Josh used each of these things, plus meat and pancetta and peas to make dinner. He gave me a list of things he wants to know how to cook for me, and I've been asked to write out the recipes in full for Josh. Apparently when he asks me how to make meals I say things like, "Just braise it/ deglaze the sauce/ simmer it/marinate and then finish it in the oven."

Apparently I assume knowledge that's unknown. Whoops. This is why I bought Josh a present tonight. This book defines all the terms and explains all the basics I take for granted. It even tells you what kinds of pots and pans to use, and when to use different types of salt. I don't buy Josh gifts very often - it's a little intimidating to buy someone who has multiple trusts, a gift. This book though, made him happy. That makes me happy.

Not quite sure why I have been such an ass in not giving Josh proper recipes. If I had, he probably would have been cooking meals for me (us). I was talking with Dani about this, and she pointed out that maybe cooking is the only way I feel superior to Josh and that's why I haven't given him the tools to cook in case he cooks better than I do. That girl needs to stop taking so many psychology courses.


Karen said...

It's one thing to read about cooking it's another to do it. As I have gotten older and more interested in learning new recipes I have found it really helpful to take cooking classes, like at Sur La Table or whatever. There I can see and experience methods that I might be afraid to try at home. I'm glad you and Josh are working on getting better balance with regard to meal prep!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read Alice Waters' book, The Art of Simple Cooking? It is an incredible book for novice and expert cooks. You'll both love it!