Thursday, September 25, 2014

I travel.

I have a passport with stamps and a suitcase and I go places. Everything IS the same when we got back but it all looks different. When Josh's parents heard about our trip, they wanted to come too. So that was kind of awkward. Especially when they all got choked up at Anne Frank's and I ... didn't. After we walked outside they stood there and said some prayer in Hebrew.

Then we went to Germany and visited some concentration camps. So that was fun. I had to reach out to Dani at one point, and she told me not to think of it as a vacation, but as an educational history trip. Once she re-framed it, the rest of the non-vacation went much better. For me. Everyone else had been having a fine time all along. I learned a lot more about the Nazis and what they did than was ever taught in school.

Also, it's been decided we're going to Antwerp for Christmas after going back to Germany to see the Christmas markets. I'm a little overwhelmed by how big they do things.

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