Thursday, August 7, 2014

Passports exist to be used

Josh: Hey, want to go to Amsterdam?
Me: Like ... the country?
Josh: Yeah
Me: I could go to Anne Frank's house, sure.
Josh: No, seriously Sammers. Want to?
Me: When?
Josh: September?
Me: Umm ...
Josh: Then we could go to Antwerp and Brussels!

So I am putting in for vacation for next month. There's a good chance I'll get it, because everyone's been taking vacations left and right through the summer and all I've done so far is take one Friday off for a weekend in the Hamptons. Two of the managers have asked what my vacation schedule was for the summer and seemed relieved that I am in town the whole time.

Why do I get so scared at the thought of leaving the country?


wilma said...

Amsterdam is a great city, in the country of the Netherlands :) I'm sure you would love it!

Anonymous said...

At least this time you'll be getting paid while you're on vacation so you won't have any worries about that. I'm pretty sure your anxieties about leaving the country will decrease the more times you do it. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

We lived in Amsterdam for six years: I highly recommend it!