Monday, August 11, 2014

Time to get an attack-service dog

My friend Bianca always gets attacked by mosquitoes. She gives off some pheromone or something that makes them seek her out. Even in a room full of other people Bianca will be the only one to get bitten.

I think Alex has a special victim pheromone. She got mugged yesterday - some guy followed her into the building and was punching her while trying to steal her keys. The doorman came back from his break or wherever he was and pulled the guy off Alex and threw him out. This is not her first mugging. It needs to be the last. Josh and I are signing her up for krav maga. Alex needs to get more aggressive.

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Abby said...

Can you sign her up for women's self-defense first? I took a one-off class (I think it was... two hours?) and it was super helpful. Not that there's anything wrong with krav maga, but it's not exactly something you can put into practice next week.