Friday, October 3, 2014


Josh's mom contacted me and asked if we could have lunch this week. Today was the first day I could be sure there would be a solid chunk of time for it. Usually I just run out for a yogurt or salad or something. Usually I'm working at a client though. My last client wrapped up and today I was at the office. Even though it's good to be on a client, I like having a day off. You can dress down a little, take a little more time for lunch, slouch in your chair without worrying the client will wander by.

We met at the Rock Center Cafe. I was really nervous. Both about the time lunch would take, and why Laurie wanted to have lunch with me. Maybe I wasn't properly sympathetic or respectful at the concentration camps. Maybe they wanted to go back for more on our Christmas trip. Maybe I said something accidentally that made me sound like a Nazi.

All that was wrong. I am not accidentally a Nazi. No, it turns out Laurie wanted to apologize. She felt it was disrespectful of them to make plans for Christmas without asking what I'd like to do. Without asking my sisters if this is okay with them. Laurie was very emphatic.

But I already talked to my sisters. They are totally psyched to go to Europe for Christmas. To buy food and cook a Christmas dinner. To wander around the markets. We're fully down for this. I told Laurie this - that we already have some lists going, and tentative plans of where else we want to explore.

So she thanked me. Laurie thanked me for being so gracious. Me, gracious. I never saw that coming.


Chris said...

You've both grown a long way since the changing of the bed linen without any concern for your thoughts and/or feelings on the matter.

Anonymous said...

707All I can say i, How lucky you both are to have each other in your lives.
I am getting excited for you for your christmas trip.
Kind Regards