Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pumpkin soup

In a word: fail. The soup itself was good. I made bourbon croutons to go with it. Those were good too.

The problem, according to Josh, was that it wasn't a meal. "It's just soup! That's an appetizer." Dude, this isn't chicken soup. That's light. Pumpkin soup is heavy. Completely different beast.

I couldn't think of anything else that went with my pumpkin soup, so Josh had a third helping and then made some popcorn. Then he had a bagel with lox. I don't know how he avoided throwing up to be honest.


Karen said...

I usually make a big salad to go with a soup main, but my man would have rolled his eyes too. Props to Josh for solving his own problem?

Unknown said...

Sam, do you have a link to a favorite recipe? Currently I'm in love with this autumn soup but it's too sweet. Every year you say you love fall and pumpkin stuff so I was hoping you have a tried and true favorite.

sam said...

I don't, sorry. My method is to read anywhere from 3-10 recipes for what I want to make and then cobble together my own recipe by taking bits of each to create my own recipe.