Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Teresa and Joe Guidice - Part One

Okay, I just need to get this out there. Firstly, Teresa is spray-tanned to Oompa Loompa levels.

Joe thinks his sentence was "a little high." O rly?! How many months do you think someone should go to prison for lying to the government, falsifying documents, etc.?

Teresa thinks her sentence of 15 months is "shocking." Why would she be shocked to be sent to prison for breaking the law? Is she not aware of how legal punishments work?

Teresa claims she didn't understand she accepted a plea bargain sending her to prison for 27 months. So she's admitting to being stupid? I mean, she HAD a whole team of attorneys - didn't they explain it all to her?

Andy asks about the omissions in the paperwork - what did she say to her lawyers about them submitting incomplete documents? Teresa implies she didn't speak with her lawyers at all about it. Um, if my attorney fucked me over to the point of getting me sentenced to PRISON you can bet your ass I would sue them.

Teresa now claims she would buy a "used home." Even though she's quoted on tv flat out saying it would be disgusting to live in a home someone else lived in prior.

I trust Josh more than I trust anyone else. It was the scariest thing following him out of the country and relying on him to get me back in. If Josh told me that he needed my signature on something, damn straight I would read it first, before signing. And if I had any questions about it, I would ask them first, and wouldn't sign until I understood. And Josh would never dream of questioning my loyalty to him if I did that. Hell, I think he'd be disappointed if I blindly signed anything.

Andy asks Joe what it will be like to be the only parent at home while Teresa is in prison and Joe says, "It'll be a lot of work." Nice, douchebag. Nothing about missing your wife?

They claim that the two middle daughters, in third and fourth grade, know nothing. They are HIGH to believe that. You KNOW that it was talked about in their school.

You know what's very telling? Teresa and Joe said when they got home, their whole extended families and all their friends were there. People who feel guilty of breaking the law are generally ashamed, aren't they? Being surrounded by people after being sentenced screams of them not genuinely feeling guilty, to me. It's as if they've convinced themselves they are victims, somehow. But they're really not. They made concrete decisions - more than one - to break the law.

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Karen said...

I had no idea who these people were until I googled them after reading your post. I'm from that part of NJ and my favorite guidance counselor in high school was named Mr. Del Guidice. I sure hope there's no relation there.

My mom was a school social worker when I was growing up and she worked with some of the people on NJ Shore (and probably some of these housewives and their husbands too). oy.

Perhaps Teresa should binge watch Orange is the New Black before she heads into prison.