Monday, October 13, 2014

Completely different viewpoints

Work is definitely kind of stressful. If the clients say they need three days of work completed in a day and a half, and that means you need to work through the night then you do it. Not that being a teacher is easy, but if a teacher is working through the night grading a ton of essays, at the very least they're doing it from home.

Face-time seems to count for a lot. Most of the time the stress doesn't bother me. Having work to get done is actually less stressful than not having any work to get done. If none of the managers or partners are requesting you to work with them on a client, that feels like a very, very bad sign about your future employment overall.

I work with this guy Colin who seems to get very stressed out by all the stress. Like sometimes, someone will dump two feet worth of documents on your desk for you to review or organize, and you can tell they take glee in dumping all that work on you. For me, it's like "Game on!" For Colin though, it's like "Oh shit, I'm never gonna get it done. I'm gonna get fired. Then I'll be homeless. Then I'll get beat up and lit on fire. Then my body won't be able to be buried because I'll be all ash."

Colin is kind of intense. I try to only deal with him in small doses even though I like him (when he's not stressing out). We were texting earlier tonight and I was like "What'd you do today?" and this was his response, "Sunday's are pre-work day stress days. Been a shitty day. I'm exhausted and panicky."

Got it. Avoid Colin on Mondays.

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