Thursday, November 20, 2014

My head spun

Tonight I found out that Josh was going to take me somewhere warm for Thanksgiving weekend. Except then I got sick. So he cancelled. Is something wrong with me that instead of just being sad we weren't going, I had to first freak out at the idea of him taking me on a fancy trip? Even when I knew we weren't going, I couldn't cut off the freakout feelings.

Does that go away at some point?


Anonymous said...

It probably never goes away, but it does get better. I married a man who grew up comparatively wealthy; I qualified for free lunches. After several (wonderful!) years of marriage and five and seven year old daughters, I still stress when his family assumes we can afford to spend Thanksgiving in a resort, but with both of us having good jobs and with putting some money in savings, it's a visceral reaction that I can quickly move past.

Anonymous said...

It isn't wrong to have felt some panic even though you learned of the plans when they were already cancelled plans.

If, however, the feelings of anxiety you experience at the prospect of such plans haven't lessened in intensity or perhaps duration after all these years, if it isn't more manageable somehow, that's a little different.