Monday, January 19, 2015

Friday night's soup: the Shabbat Special

I knew it would bother Josh if soup week didn't include the soup of his people, so I went all "shiksa dating a Jew" and made a whole Shabbat dinner Friday night. Matzoh ball soup, homemade challah with fancy butter, baked chicken, green beans with almond slivers, sweet potatoes, and apple pie.

His parents were invited too, and I wore a skirt and everything. We had a lovely discussion about Celebrity Apprentice. They left before Blue Bloods came on. Maybe I'm off, but I feel like they've been a little ... cold to me lately. I wrote a thank you note for the Christmas presents (so did my sisters), I make sure to give them alone-time with Josh, I never use bacon in recipes for them. I don't know if I'm reading it wrong or what I could have done wrong.

Josh and I cleaned up and he asked me to teach him how to make the soup. I'd started it in the morning and left it on a very low flame through the day. It's hard to tell Josh how to make it, because I kind of just ... toss in the stuff. So this weekend I really thought about it and wrote out a formal recipe for him. 


Amanda said...

Maybe your inviting them to dinners, making an effort to learn more about Jewish traditions, and thanking them only serves to remind them of what they do not have with their own daughter. It's probably not a reflection on you but on what they don't have. It sounds like you and your sisters are doing all the right things. They may not even realize they are coming across as cold.

Lisa @ Lisa Moves said...

Can you ask Josh if something is bothering them? My husband runs interference with my inlaws all the time. If he doesn't know, he could ask his mom if something is wrong and say that he noticed (not you) that they seem a little off lately.