Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's soup week!

Initially I was going to start small and work up to bigger, heartier soups. So tonight was going to be tomato soup with grilled cheese. Then I realized that Josh would get discouraged waiting for the soups to ramp up, and I needed to start big. So I did.

I wanted the stew-version of beef bourguignon, basically. I wanted meat involved, and wanted to serve it with red wine. Or pour red wine into the stew. Or both. But I definitely wanted red wine involved.

Someone asked which recipe I used for a meal a while back and I can't remember if I answered or not, so here goes: sometimes I follow a recipe, but more often than not I read a few recipes to get an idea of how it's done and then create my own recipe by combining them and tweaking it. That's what I did for tonight's stew.

It was chunks of meat, chunks of potatoes, carrots, onion, a very little big of flour, a bottle of red wine, beef stock, herbs, and a few other things all thrown in. I stir-fried the meat and then dumped everything in a stock pot and left it on low all day long. When I came home from work corn bread was made to go with it.

Verdict: my sisters and I each ate about a mug-full of stew. Josh ate two bowls of it. I'm taking some leftovers for work tomorrow. Josh is enthusiastic about tomorrow's soup. I'm going to hold off on the tomato soup and grilled cheese night until I'm desperate. 


Anonymous said...

I really hope you convert him. I just LOVE soup
Kind Regards

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