Monday, March 2, 2015


  1. Danielle has announced she's moving out. She's done this before, so I'm not exactly gathering the moving boxes yet, but she has a solid plan and seems serious. Except the plan isn't exactly solid, since what was said was, "I'm moving out at the end of this year (meaning school year). Or maybe at the end of the summer. Or after Christmas; I'm not sure yet when exactly." Josh feels we need to just to be supportive every time she talks about it. 
  2. Josh and I were meeting at a bar and he was running late. Some guy kept smiling and winking at me and then I realized he is a reality star. One who blubbers all over Instagram about how much he loves his fiancee. Gross. However, we ran into two OTHER famous people who are currently on a reality tv show, and they were both super nice and genuine. 
  3. The little mentally retarded girl whose parents let her play alone in the hallway is still ... playing alone in the hallway. But she got a haircut. I do not know what is going on there. 
  4. People are really insecure and deal with it by being very passive-aggressive. This is what I've finally figured out about adults. Why are so many adults insecure though? This is what I have not figured out. 
  5. We are all obsessed with coconut oil. We have started making jokes about all the things it's good for. Josh has a huge family, to the point of not knowing all his relatives, and mentioned one night at dinner that a relative died but he wasn't sure if he was picturing the right person or not. Alex asked, "Well, have you tried coconut oil?" 


Anonymous said...

Does Danielle have her degree yet? What is she studying? And when does Alex graduate? And when does Josh graduate?

Anonymous said...

How does medical school fit into Dani's deliberations regarding the timing of the apparently otherwise solid plan she seems to be seriously considering?

On the one hand, she might want to wait until she knows where she will be attending medical school, what housing opportunities there might be for her, and what her financial situation will be, so that she has to move only once.

On the other hand, if she plans to apply only to medical schools in the city, and also plans to live nearby in your current neighborhood (or move to some other specific neighborhood) no matter which school she attends, then making the move at the times you quote her as considering would mean that she wouldn't have to do so at the same time as beginning medical school in (presumably) a year and a half from now but rather in advance thereof.

Josh's idea to "be supportive every time she talks about it" is smart.

You and he can probably figure out a way to do that while also presenting questions to Dani for her to think about without her feeling she is being questioned by the two of you. That is, perhaps being supportive can include helping her think things through without challenging her or arguing against her.

Amanda said...

That's great that Danielle is thinking of getting her own place. Maybe supportive things like helping her make lists of what kitchen items she needs to start picking up, towels, decorative things, etc. will start to make it real for her and she will be ready when the time comes for a place she sets up and decorates herself.
The guy hitting on you is gross....he was expecting you to fall for him and his pseudo fame, I'm sure!
Have fun with the passive aggressive stuff! Yes, most adults have insecurities, but, by the time you are 40 a person should just be comfortable in your own skin. And yet, so many are not!!congrats on being confident in who you are.