Tuesday, April 28, 2015


(Thank you for the link to the second Passover. This year it would be this Saturday. Apparently we are waiting for the biopsies to grow, like a throat culture, but uterine cancer has been ruled out. At this point I've pretty much mentally checked out because if I engage I am enraged at how this is all taking so long after we were told the whole point of going to Texas was the fast turn around time. There is nothing fast about this.)

So Gwyneth Paltrow did yet another celebrity food stamp challenge. Ugh, the limes. Really, almost all the green stuff. I imagine this is probably accurate though, for people who are used to being at least middle class and then all of a sudden ... aren't. How can they possibly know off the top of their heads which foods will go farther and give them more value? Still. She should have bought carrots.

My disgust was tempered both by Laurie's cancer shit and by the fact that I already got all riled up about this before a few years ago. What did get me angry is that she didn't get through a full week, cracking at four days in. Come ON. That's just completely pathetic. Didn't Gwyneth brace herself to do something hard for a week? I mean, she gave birth. Twice! Surely this isn't as hard as that was, right? Didn't she know it wouldn't be all Goop-worthy meals all week? 


Amanda said...

I grew up one of five, teacher Mom, Dad died when I was nine. While we didn't qualify for food stamps and such, we did have to figure out how to stretch my Mom's paltry paycheck to feed everyone. Lots of rice, pasta, etc and a lot less produce than Gwyneth bought!!

Sorry about the test results dragging. My sister had a major lung infection and it took weeks to grow the various lab cultures. So frustrating!

Monica said...

Keep in mind the actual purpose of the challenge was for her to fail. She needs to show that it's hard, that even with time (which working poor are clearly short of) and assistance (ditto) that a healthy diet of foods that fit your particular likes is very likely not possible.

Clearly you can eat healthy food with a lot of work and a lot of effort under the food stamp limitations but the the program is not even remotely over generous. That's the point of these celebrity "challenges" to publicize the need for changes in the way we feed ourselves and how we support each other.

Abby said...

What's going on with Laurie? Any news?

Anonymous said...

Hope you are okay. Hope Laurie is okay too.

jwg said...

You've been gone a long time. How is Laurie and are you OK?