Saturday, July 18, 2015


Apologies that I can barely put a coherent sentence together. There was a State of the Cancer meeting last Friday that I couldn't attend. Neither could Josh, but he was told not all of the tests results were in, but the ones that were, weren't good. Cancer is spreading to other parts of the body. When I asked Josh if he got that from his dad or sister, so I could judge the accuracy, he wasn't clear who the info came from. When I asked when the rest of the test results come in, he didn't know.

I'm getting very scared Laurie's going to die. Laurie is walking around feeling mostly fine, but acting like a sick person. She bundles up in forty layers to go out, she covers her head, it's weird. She claims her hair is starting to fall out, but none of us think her hair looks any different. 


Nina said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Sam. Keeping Laurie in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong, it's a stressful time. Thinking of all of you.

Karen said...


Amanda said...

Sounds like a family meeting is in order, even if you host a meal (order out) and lead the discussion. It's hard to process such information for patients and family members. Doctors rapidly call out facts and results, which they are used to understanding, and then to further confuse you throw in a few alternate things that may or may not happen, work, treatment, etc, until everyone present has a different version later. I'm sorry it is so stressful for everyone there. Take care of yourself too Sam!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting very scared Laurie's going to die.

I'm so sorry.

One person's hair loss isn't always apparent to others.

It would be really good if you could be the one to go with Laurie to her next doctor's appointment.

Laurie arranging for you to meet with Doug and coming to the appointment with you and obliging your request to stay by your side during the actual appointment comes to mind.

Thinking about that and how Laurie's interacted with you in the past in other cases, I imagine she'd find it very gracious of you and comforting to her if you were to say to her in the style that she's tended to employ that you would be grateful if she'd allow you to accompany her to her next appointment.

And then after the appointment maybe take her out to lunch. Again, it's what she might do in a similar situation, and she's played a large part in your now being in a position to do so.

Karen said...

From the NY Times today:

An article about an ovarian cancer treatment regimen that is effective but rarely recommended.