Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Time ran out

Josh and I have this goal of running in the NYC Marathon. You can't just waltz in and run. You have to qualify, and run in other races to be accepted. So you have to train for a bunch of 13 mile marathons and THEN train for a 26 mile marathon.

We've been a little busy this year. Laurie is currently on a much-needed vacation for three weeks. She has to start chemo again, but she's able to take 8-10 weeks off before starting it up again. Josh has asked us to not talk about cancer or his mom at ALL for a while. I never would have said that, but am SO glad he did, because I need a mental break too. Josh's sister is traveling for the next three weeks for yoga stuff. It seems rude to push, but from what I've gathered she spends more on going to these things than she earns.

I'm really upset that we didn't do the marathon. If we'd ONLY been dealing with Laurie I could have worked around that, OR we'd ONLY been dealing with working crazy hours I could have worked around that. But not both. I am having coffee with a guy from work later this week. He runs marathons and the plan is to learn how he carves out the time to train for them. 


Amanda said...

Running + not talking about Cancer sound like a great plan!

Anonymous said...

Heh, "ran out" -- clever.

How did you qualify last time?