Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Back in the saddle. Except not quite.

Laurie restarted chemo. The first week didn't go well. Then this week, they tested her blood levels (I guess they were testing something IN her blood rather than HOW MUCH blood she had in there, but who knows?) and they were way too low, so they wouldn't do the chemo.

When Laurie had her tumor removal surgery, they figured out how to grow the tumors artificially, and then tested about 90 different types of chemo on them to see which type worked and that's how they decided which chemo to use on her this go-around. It's different from the chemo she had last time. I guess it ravages her body more than the old chemo did?

I came home around 7:30 tonight, and Laurie was super pissed that her chemo-ing didn't happen today. She was slamming around the kitchen cooking dinner. Danielle whispered to me, "She's going to break something," but I pointed out we couldn't say anything. Half our kitchen stuff comes from her house.

After changing out of my work clothes, I went into the kitchen and offered to help. "I don't NEED help. What I NEED is for my body to WORK." Josh immediately zoomed over and pulled me away, while telling his mom he knew she was upset but she can't speak to me that way.

In sum, not a great day. 


Anonymous said...

An illness in the family affects everyone. I'm impressed by Josh's action. Not everyone would have been level headed enough to see through the situation for what it was and many would have said nothing. It's all ups and downs, with everyone both needing support and giving support at different times and emotions running all over the place. Trying times. Thinking of you all. Hang in there.

RC said...

Hopefully by today, she is feeling better. I'm sure she is frustrated that she was all ready for chemo and then couldn't get it. Delaying the process has to be scary.

Really impressed that Josh took charge. You have a good one there. :)

Suzanne said...

Good news is...if she can talk to you like that, she is either secure in your love or hates you. She loves you and knows that you love her. <3
Josh was excellent for stepping up to the plate on that one!

Can you make Laurie an appointment with a masseuse or a reiki healer or something new age-y and relaxing like that? Maybe if she feels like she is doing something healing that she will start to heal? Plus, it never hurts to be a dim room with pinkle-y music working on relaxing.

How is work going?

Amanda said...

Both you and Josh continue to impress me. Life has thrown so much at you Sam and you continue to respond with smart choices. Be sure and acknowledge how much you appreciate him being there for both you and his Mother as most men would have just tried to diffuse the crazed sick Mom and not thought to stand up for their partner. It's that whole men need respect more than love thing!

Nina said...

Thinking of you, Josh, your sisters, and Laurie right now. I know things must be tough right now.