Sunday, December 13, 2015

I don't do ugly sweater parties

Despite her cookie text, this girl is really funny and throws a good party. We brought a box of assorted supermarket cookies that I dumped in a box lined with tissue paper and wrapped with a ribbon. 12 of them, because fuck her. When we got there, she almost knocked me over hugging us and saying how happy she was that we were there. The food was a total non-issue.

It was an ugly sweater party, but I just wore a black sweater that had white snowflakes around each wrist. Several guys were wearing these crazy Santa suits.

We stayed until almost 2am, and apparently she'd asked everyone to either bring cookies or booze. There were caterers and the food was pretty good. I only ate appetizers. 

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SmileyGirl said...

We saw those suits advertised and couldn't believe there were people that would pay that kind of money for those things. Guess there are lol! Glad it worked out for you and you had a good time.