Thursday, December 10, 2015

Maybe I'm developing weird food issues

A lot of Josh's friends are eccentric. I guess when you're rich you can get away with it. Or at least, you attempt to. We were invited to a holiday party. I've met the girl a couple of times, and although she's not my type of person, she's okay enough that Josh told her yes, we'd attend.

She texted me today.
Her: You're coming Friday night, right?
Me: Yeah, can't wait, see you then
Her: Okay great, and don't forget to bring the cookies
Me: Oh, we're supposed to bring cookies? Okay
Her: I heard you're a really good cook
Me: We can bring some cookies
Her: Homemade
Me: Okay
Her: Oh, and can you bring a tray of appetizers? Like four or six dozen or so
Me: Sorry, won't have time
Her: Well, can you bring a side dish? Veggies of some sort
Me: Wait, are we hosting this party with you and nobody told me?
Her: Okay so I'll put you in for the cookies, two apps, and a veg
Me: Hell no. We can bring cookies.
Her: Okay, well and whatever else you can whip up
Me: It'll just be cookies

What the fuck was that? Some of Josh's friends really try to treat me like The Help, and it pisses me off royally. You can bet those cookies will be store-bought. I may even buy day-old stale ones, just to make myself feel better. She comes from a world of parties. Why isn't she having her parents cater her party, like all the rich kids do? Why is she trying to talk me into bringing homemade food? You know damn well this girl doesn't have a real job. I guarantee she works part time at a museum or some bullshit like that. 


Paige Whalen said...

I love how you don't take shit off people. Never change that about yourself.

Karen said...

How is it even possible that this person exists? And how does Josh count her as a friend? I think if it was me (I'm 53 for what that's worth) I would have killed the texting as soon as she asked for a few dozen appetizers and called her on the phone to have a voice conversation about this party. That way I could be sure she was serious and not just yanking my chain. And if she was seriously asking me to bring all that food I would have made it clear that I was probably not the person she wanted at her party.

RC said...

I wouldn't even bring cookies. There wasn't one please in that conversation. WTF is wrong with her and her lack of manners.

Amanda said...

I agree with everyone above! So glad you don't take shit from anyone, she's a rude bitch, and would send Josh by himself minus cookies if he still even wants to go after all of that bullshit!!!

Suzanne said...

C.R.A.Z.Y. Who does that kind of thing? Bring 5 or 6 dozen appetizers? The Midwesterner in me is curled up in the fetal position after reading that!
Yep, bring store cookies. If she wants homemade cookies, she can make her own.

Nina said...

Wow. That is horrible and ridiculous. Show up with a package of oreos. wtf.

Abby said...

Why on earth would you go to this person's party? Stay home and wash your hair.

Amanda said...

I think I speak for everyone that we are dying to hear how the party went down!

One crazed mommy said...

Oh hell no... This southern girls hackles are raised!!! Who does that??? I would go, and personally hand her 1 package of Oreos - as store bought as you can get. I'm sure she would get the hint...but then again when you don't have manners at her age, she probably never will!