Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sharing is ... job appropriate?

Today I had to go to lunch with the scary partner. I think she sort of likes me. It was not the best day for me to meet with her though, because I have two horrendous mosquito bites - one on the side of my thigh and one on the back of my hand. My hand is totally swollen and odd-looking. I kept it in my lap as much as possible.

We went to Landmarc in the Time Warner Building. Any time somebody is taking me to lunch I always aim to find out what they're going to order so I can make sure their meal will cost more than mine. Almost as soon as we started looking at menus, she grinned at me, "Let's share an appetizer!" Um, well okay. Then we both ordered entrees that cost the exact same thing. I got scallops, mostly because I knew they'd be easy to eat with my non-dominant hand (which is not swollen from a mosquito bite).

Then, when the waiter asked if we wanted dessert, I started to say no thank you, and she told him, "Just surprise us!" She was almost giddy; it was weird. But our conversation was pretty normal. I have decided that making small talk with real grownups is an actual skill that needs to be practiced and cultivated. The waiter brought us a cheese plate and a big dish that had mini-versions of each dessert. I took one bite of every single one.

To be honest though, it was really weird to be sharing food with someone from work. Do most people do this? Normally I only share food with my sisters or Josh. 


One crazed mommy said...

I have shared dessert with my boss on several occasions - nothing weird about it. :) Glad you got taken to a nice lunch - sounds like the scary partner does like you!! Yay!

Nina said...

Being taken out to lunch and her wanting to share food with you - both sound like positive signs that she likes you!

RC said...

She likes you. This is the time of year when managers or manager-like people take their people to lunch as a thank you for the hard work that has been put in during the year. She might be scary but she is definitely someone you want (and obviously have) on your side.

As for sharing, I think it's normal. :)

Rosie said...

I've shared dessert at a group function when it's someone's birthday and we pass it around. But in my experience, with a manager one or two levels above me, no, it would seem strange to share it. I think that it's a good sign that she likes you and wants to help you in your career. You might even ask her to be your mentor, if you're interested.

Amanda said...

If small talk fails you just ask them about their life, where they went to college, if they had a mentor, what made them chose their career, etc. people are usually much more comfortable talking about themselves than having to think up small talk topics, so win-win!