Monday, November 23, 2015

Advice taken

We are hosting Thanksgiving. Josh, my sisters, Danielle's boyfriend, Josh's parents, and his friend coming to town accidentally while his parents will be away, and me.

We have a tentative menu going.

  1. Organic turkey
  2. pumpkin soup
  3. cranberry sauce
  4. green beans (probably with pearled onions and mushrooms)
  5. brussel sprouts with bacon or pancetta
  6. maple bourbon sweet potato pie
  7. garlic bacon mashed potatoes (excessive since #4 exists, but strongly requested)
  8. ciabatta stuffing with chestnuts and pancetta (I am not sure this will come out well, but again, requested)
  9. chocolate burbon pecan pie
  10. apple pie
  11. whipped cream
For eight people I think this is a bit much. Too many people put in requests. But since Danielle wants to learn how to do this, we may as well make all this stuff so she learns. I worked all weekend so tomorrow I just go in and wrap up little things, then Tuesday meet with the manager on the project and then in the afternoon Danielle and I are meeting to order all the ingredients (turkey was already ordered). 


Karen said...

good for you. I look forward to hearing how it comes out!

One crazed mommy said...

Sounds like an amazing menu - hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Lisa @ Lisa Moves said...

You're Italian--serving too much food is a requirement. The first Thanksgiving I spent with my husband's family, there were 12 pies for 12 people. (And two turkeys, two hams, and lasagna. And 9 side dishes. Leftovers for dayyyyys.) Your menu sounds delicious!

Nina said...

This sounds amazing. I'm salivating just reading this. (So glad you went for it, Sam!)

Suzanne said...

Go you! Pick up some throw away tupperware to send people home with leftovers. :)

Amanda said...

Well done! Everything sounds delicious, and I'm sure it will be. Happy Thanksgiving!

Suzanne said...

How was it? :)