Thursday, January 27, 2011

Easy living

7:15: get up, shower, get dressed, say goodbye to sisters
7:45: make veggie omelette for breakfast for Josh and me
8:10: pack lunch and snacks
8:17: leave for work
8:40: get on line at Starbucks
8:46: use Starbucks giftcard to get hot chocolate
8:53: arrive at work
10:40: investigate smell of cookies
10:41: eat oatmeal raisin cookie
1:00: eat lunch
1:30: run office errands
155: almost get run over by tourists walking backwards filming "all the people"
4:30: leave work
4:54: get to first tutoring job
5:45: leave first tutoring job
5:58: get to second tutoring job
6:55: agree with 8 year old that map skills can be a real bitch
7:00: leave second tutoring job after helping correcting 8 year old that Sacramento is not the capital of Denver
7:20: get welcomed home by nighttime doorman
7:21: kick off shoes, wash hands, hit the kitchen
7:23: discuss dinner options with people who aren't cooking
7:30: start frying pancetta and boiling water
7:34: instruct nearest sister to make salad
7:36: get hand smacked by said sister who is tired of someone stealing cherry tomatoes
7:50: announce pasta carbonara is ready
7:51: allow boyfriend and sisters to talk me into eating dinner in front of tv tonight
8:30: announce my refusal to clean up from dinner, let everyone else fight it out
8:42: yell into kitchen for someone to bring me an orange
8:43: duck so as not to get hit by orange thrown at head
9:01: yell at sisters to stop watching American Idol and get back to doing homework
9:02: continue watching American Idol with boyfriend and sisters who now have books in front of them
10:00: go check state of the kitchen
10:09: finish re-cleaning kitchen, make tomorrow's lunch
10:30: send littlest sister to bed
11:15: send biggest little sister to bed, have a talk about girl drama
11:19: take shower, lay out clothes for tomorrow
11:38: put Starbucks giftcard in sister's shoe to surprise her
11:40: play Wii with Josh
12:30: check e-mail, blog
1:10: go to sleep


Anonymous said...

I don't think I had all of your energy even when I was young!!

OTRgirl said...

Were you being sarcastic with the title?! That sounds like a lot to me.

Yankee, Transferred said...

You're a trip. You three sisters are lucky to have each other. Built in best friends.
My two sisters and I have less than 4 years between the oldest and the youngest. We're now 60,59,and almost 57. We're still best friends. I don't know how I would have made it without them, and I didn't have HALF the life-challenges the three of you have had.

Sam said...

I wasn't being sarcastic at all - it felt like a calm day because I didn't have to add school to that mix, and there was time to chill out at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

How you know you're in New York?
8:40: get on line at Starbucks

Only in NYC (and in its suburbs, where I grew up) does one say, "on line." Everywhere else, it's "in line."