Friday, January 28, 2011

Why I'm a terrible sister

Alex is in a play at school. She had a rehearsal tonight and thought it would be "fun" for us to come watch her at school. Alex actually said to me specifically, "You especially should come to school Sammers, since you have none this week and need to be educated." Yes, and if I tip my head, all my knowledge will fall of my brain through my ear.

Josh was nice enough to come with me, though Danielle mumbled something about a test and studying so she was excused. We showed up a little after rehearsals started, slipped in, and sat in the back row. After five minutes of whispering while watching Al stand around on the stage doing nothing, I suggested we go walk around. So we did. It was boring. We left the school and walked around the city for an hour, popped into a cafe, and just hung out.

The timing worked out really well and we got back to the auditorium about five minutes before they wrapped up. Alex got the sheet the teacher was handing out before coming over to us. She asked what we thought. I told her it was interesting and asked how she liked her part. She chattered almost all the way home. Had no clue, poor thing.

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Yankee, Transferred said...

You fulfilled her need. She doesn't know. Millions of parents/caretakers/siblings just no-show.'s a secret!
Have a great weekend.