Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Food is hard sometimes

breakfast: oatmeal, an orange, a hard-boiled egg
lunch: whoops
snack: half a banana, walnuts
more snack: small frozen yogurt with granola, chocolate sprinkles
dinner: brown rice, green pepper, tomatoes, steak

All afternoon I didn't feel right and I'm sure it was from forgetting to have lunch. I ducked into a corner store and there was only one banana left and the girl in front of me bought it. I offered her money to split it with me - that's how desperate I felt. Maybe she was feeling desperate for money - she gave me the smaller half.


Yankee, Transferred said...

You were smart to suggest splitting the banana! Very resourceful. I never would have thought of that.

Perhaps you can carry a couple of granola bars or something with you all the time so you can make sure your blood sugar doesn't get too low.

Mizasiwa said...

Home made granola bars are really easy to make - Im not sure the exact details of your 'condition' but my brother has similar issues and his girlfriend started to carry licorice in her bag for him. (they were together a lot) He still struggles though. My mom keeps a packet of these tiny high glucose biscuits in her bag for the same reason. She says they work