Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's like the headless horseman

Alex has a nameless cutter at school. While we were making dinner she told Danielle and me she found a box cutter and a bloody sink. For some reason, we kept referring to the person as The Nameless Cutter all night.

I've read enough girly magazines to know why people cut, but it's hard to really get why it's turned into a person's self and not outward. Alex has no idea who The Nameless Cutter is, and can't even guess. The dancers are the only ones who, in the winter, are showing their arms at school.

Danielle suggested that it could be a boy, who just used the girls' bathroom because boys usually aren't cutters. We brainstormed a bunch of different possibilities. It's really sad. Alex is determined to be extra nice at school tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Loads of teenagers cut...little chicken scratches can produce a surprising amount of blood. Honestly...I know a minority don't do it for the attention, but often it's just the 'in' thing to do. Sometimes it's just a childish tendency, I went through a phase like that (when none of my peers were doing it). Lots of girls used to cut across their wrists, then just display them at school in the morning. It was pathetic, not sad.