Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alex is not fat

Since her drama with the two girls who used to be her best friends, Alex has been trying all sorts of different tactics. Tonight during America's Next Top Model, Josh asked Al how it's going. She shrugged and said she's done all she can do, so for now she's focusing on her other friendships while hoping her old friends come around.

Josh: That's really good. You're a hearty kid.
Alex: ::bursts into tears and runs from the room
Josh: What'd I do?
Dani: I bet she thinks hearty means fat. You just called her fat.

I was laughing, but nobody else thought it was funny.


miSz tUna said...

OK, I thought it was funny. I was reading this in the library, nonetheless, and kind of burst out laughing. whOoops.

Isabel said...

Oh, Lord. Poor Alex. Poor Josh. Poor Alex! Poor Josh!

I missed out on the last couple of weeks so I'm just catching up now. GOD, the poor kid! And Josh, what a live and learn moment. You never know how a woman will react.

I hope all is better today.

Abby said...

Oh he meant HARDY. As in, tough. Not hearty, as in, you know, big appetite.

Get Alex a dictionary. :)

Zephyr said...

Hearty also means physically vigorous; strong and well.

Alex is strong. All 3 of you are.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was hilarious too. It reminds me of the time my sister went to a black comedy club in Chicago, and someone came up to her and told her she was "phat." She was so offended, thinking he meant she was "fat," since she is on the curvy side. He had to explain to her that "phat" was different than "fat" although it sounded the same.

Poor Alex.

Yankee, Transferred said...

:( Poor Alex. I wish those other kids were nicer.
Poor Josh. I know he must hate to make her cry.