Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This weekend is Shoshana and Gavin's wedding. It's kind of funny how despite being such a boyish boy Josh can do things like take me to the store to help me pick out a dress appropriate for a Jewish wedding. We went to Saks and I found a dress that seemed appropriate and then I looked at the price. After Josh picked me up off the floor, he suggested we only look at dresses under $350, which I did not think was much better. You know what else he said? That I should aim for something more conservative, because otherwise his family members will think badly of me.

After an hour I was pretty much done. I asked if we could go to a normal store. One I'm comfortable in. One where I don't feel like I should wash my hands before touching things. The idea of spending $500 on a dress, even if it's someone else's money seems totally crazy. When else will I ever need to wear such a fancy dress? Maybe to my own wedding?

When I said something like this to Josh he laughed at me and explained that by the end a lot more would be spent this weekend, because nails and hair will get done too. All this for a wedding of someone I've met twice. I am officially overwhelmed.


Lisa said...

If you haven't already bought something, Ann Taylor and JCrew have very nice formal dresses in the $200-250 range. And has inexpensive formal shoes :-)

Anonymous said...

If you're really feeling like the dress won't be worn more than once or twice, you might consider selling it on ebay after the event. A $500 dress might fetch $200-$300 from a second-hand buyer. You could return the money to Josh or use it to treat the two of you to something really nice!

Nina said...

J. Crew dresses are wonderful. You can sell them on ebay too (I bought a jcrew dress of ebay for a friend's wedding recently.)

And hair and nails? I've only gotten my hair down twice - my own wedding and when I was a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding and she insisted and paid. I've never gotten my nails done for anything. I never understood why it's not okay to just paint your own nails ($3 for a bottle of nail polish, presto!). And a french twist is easily enough done at home - you've got two sisters to help too!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Isn't it crazy to spend so much $$ for a wedding??