Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Squeezing it all in

Josh leaves for his first set of travel weeks right before Independence Day. He's going to Australia, where two of his friends live. Plus his parents have family friends there. It seems like all people of a certain socio-economic level have international friends, but I can't figure out how they get them.

Then he'll be back for a little while before going to Europe. He will be away when Danielle is in Italy, so it'll just be me and Alex. It's going to be so much fun hanging out with Alex. She already asked if we can sleep together when everyone else leaves. I'm just happy she didn't ask if we can also dress the same every day too. Starting July 4th, my tutoring rate goes up by $15 an hour for current people, and $25 for new people (who hopefully won't be in shock). I was so hugely nervous telling the parents I was raising my rates that it took over a month to work up to, but nobody was upset. Some just said okay, and others were like, "I always thought you were under-charging!"

Because Josh is going away so much, he told me the other day he's sad he won't see me a lot. So today he came to meet me for lunch, and then came back at the end of my workday to walk me home before we go running. He won't go with me to work though, because that's too early in the morning.

When Josh came for lunch, he hadn't told me, and I'd brought my lunch. He showed up with a tupperware and said it was a snack for me, but when I tried to look, Josh wouldn't let me. He said to put it in the fridge for later, and then confessed he carefully held it straight the entire way there. He'd drawn a heart in chocolate and then put in bananas sliced into hearts, strawberries sliced into hearts and blueberries. It must have taken him all morning.

When Josh left after lunch, he took the lunch I'd brought to work, home with him. He ate it for a snack, and then still ate a full dinner.


Anonymous said...

He's a keeper that Josh!!

Mizasiwa said...

here here for Josh!!de

Nina said...

cute :)

Yankee, Transferred said...

Good job, raising the tutoring rates. I'm proud of you. You and Alex will have a wonderful time. I'm sure she needs some Sam time.

Josh's sweet food efforts are just wonderful.

Abby said...


Anna said...

Josh is so sweet! Australians are probably over-represented in the "international friends" category in general (full disclosure - I'm one), not just with well-off people . Because Australia is so far away from everywhere, we tend to be big travellers and it's not uncommon for us to spend a few years living overseas. I actually became a regular reader of your blog after another blogger friend linked to it - a friend that I met when I lived in Boston a few years ago.
Anyway, best wishes for your summer from cold still-in-winter Melbourne!