Thursday, December 22, 2011

The aftermath of crying in the shower

(Vinny, I'm not the type to jump up and down waving while squealing but if I were I'd do it to say hi back.)

You know how there's the Cute Cry, where you just look at someone with big eyes while tears silently roll down your cheeks? That's how Alex cries most of the time. Then there's the Ugly Cry where if a guy sees it, he wants to flee and you are gasping for breath and look horrible.

It was the Ugly Cry the other night and nobody needs to see that. When I'd calmed down and washed my face and then calmed down some more then yes, we did have a big talk. During our talk I wound up crying again but at least it was the Cute Cry. Mostly.

All I wanted to do was sleep in for a morning. For the entire morning. It was the most luxurious feeling. Josh got told he had to make the applesauce himself and was given a recipe. I chose the latkes because it's the easier thing to make.

It's hard to understand how a guy can sometimes be so considerate and other times be so outrageously clueless in how he comes across.


Chris said...

It's going to sound really stupid... but I'm feeling so proud of you and the way you've learnt to deal with things over the years. And Josh, bless his cotton socks, is really lucky.

Vinny said...

A most impressive solution. Chris is right. You have figured out a great deal about managing relationships.

Good for Josh too. Men are generally jerks. It's in the DNA and I should know, because I are one. But he has learned too, and from what I've heard you say thru this few years says that his forays into jerkdom end quickly when you look him in the eye and tell him. Guys are hard to train and many are untrainable. Josh is a good one, but you know that.

Hope he's having a Happy Hanukah and you girls deserve a blessed Christmas. When I'm at church all night Christmas Eve (I'm a professional musician- I'm working until 2am Christmas Morn) I'll try to remember to give you a shout out. Mom and Topher too.

Yankee, Transferred said...

Take care of yourself.