Monday, January 16, 2012

Six days

Supposedly even Olympic athletes only work out six days a week. Josh and I have been going running Mondays through Thursdays lately. Except for when he's on vacation. Or one of us has a test or paper due. Or one of us is just too tired. I can usually talk a sister into running with me though, and once our gay neighbor was headed out to run on a night Josh wasn't around so I asked him to wait five minutes and we went running together. I thought it'd be weird to talk with a grownup but we just talked about restaurants and food and cooking and stuff. He didn't even say once "When I was a kid..."

Becca and I got together this weekend. I thought we'd go do something fun and had brought $20 prepared to spend it, but Becca asked me to help her clean out her clothes. It kind of sucked and made Becca promise next time we'll go out and not clean. I clean enough at home.

My sisters staged a revolt against the plan I had for them helping with dinner. Their compromise was that I should expect one of them to help each night, but I don't get to dictate which one. Whichever one shows up is who will help for all of dinner and they'll sort out who's turn it is and I'm to not care. I don't really understand why they prefer this to what I'd said, but honestly, if the goal is to get help and I'm getting it there's no reason to care who's providing it.

We got three cheap Bento boxes and I'm using them for snacks. This feels better than going through a ton of sandwich bags every day. So I'm trying to eat every 3-4 hours. Even with bringing snacks, I still forget to eat them sometimes when school is busy. A lot of people eat in class, but I feel like that's really rude and can't bring myself to do it. Right now we're eating a lot of those tiny oranges and I'd feel bad making a classroom smell like oranges. It goes better on the days I bring cheese to school.

Resolutions are really hard.


Nina said...

I teach and I honestly am totally happy to have my students eat in class. The only exception is when it's super stinky - not oranges but usually hot foods like fast food hamburgers or something, and even then it's only mildly distracting and not something I'd get upset about. The only time I've gotten upset about food in class is when students are late to class and you know it's because they were getting food.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this sounds a bit picky, and I am also reasonably confident you're not a homophobe. Nonetheless I'll say it. I think you'd be wise to strike the "gay neighbor" thing and just call him your "neighbor". To me it ranks among phrases like "my black friend" and "lady doctor".

Anonymous said...

We're on a "little oranges" (clementines) kick right now too! We go thru a 5 lb bag a week or less!


sam said...

(First) Anon:

If I said lady doctor I'd mean doctor who looks at my ladybits. I said gay neighbor so nobody would think there was any flirting/cheating going on and it'd be clear it was totally a friends-thing.