Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kiss and makeup

Blossom's family gave me and my sisters a giftcard each to Sephora. So, as Alex squealed, we're going makeup-ing. Poor Josh, who was most put out by the whole experience, whose hearing has still not returned to normal from all the squealing we all did, was not given a Sephora giftcard. I said this to him, almost verbatim, and his response was that if I put out, that would make up for the lack of giftcard. I am not exactly 100% sure what a double entendre is, but think this might be it.

We can't get a dog now. It just won't work. We're either going to have to wait until we can get three sister dogs, one for each of us, or until Josh changes his mind. He already puts up with my sisters. They've grown on him a lot, but still. It just wouldn't be fair to talk him into also putting up with a dog too. I asked when he can see changing his mind. "When we're married." Married! I am not waiting a decade to get my dog! Then Josh decided a whole bunch of criteria has to be met first:

1. Be engaged
2. Be doing only one job, no school
3. Have no more than one sister living with us

The last one might be a problem. Danielle told me over the weekend that if we got a Blossom, she would totally give up her moving out dreams and stay here. But then we'd have to kick Alex out. The likelihood of that taking is slim to none. If left to her own devices, Alex would sleep in our bed with us.


Cate said...

getting just one dog is better. if you have more than one, they kind of bond to each other, rather than to the people.

(not that you need to worry about this now, but just throwing it out there.)

OTRgirl said...

I think there's wisdom in what Josh is saying. I respect that you know it wouldn't be fair to inflict a dog on him before he's willing. It took me five years to persuade my husband to get a do. It can be done!