Thursday, February 16, 2012

Separation of sex and sisters

A few weeks ago Dani asked if she could throw a dinner party on Valentine's Day, for all her single friends. Alex begged to be part of it and make it a co-party. That's how the First Annual All The Single Ladies Valentines Day Dinner Party was born. Decorations were made and hung, floors were washed, a menu was planned (and fought about and re-planned) red and pink candy was bought, and heart-shaped everythings were cut and baked.

Josh's parents are away for a couple of days, and he decided we'd go to their house, he'd cook me dinner and then we'd sleep over. I think Josh was really happy to know my sisters would be un-interruptable and that may be what caused him to go crazy and say he'd cook for me. I wasn't allowed in the kitchen to see any of the preparations. Josh set up a fancy bubble bath and I stayed in until I smelled food. After getting out I realized I hadn't brought any other clothes. Alex thinks yesterday's black shirt is fancy because it has thumb cut-outs, but I knew Josh wouldn't like it. Wrapped in a towel, I went to see if I'd ever left any clothes in his bedroom that would work. Nope.

That's the story of how I came to be standing in my boyfriend's childhood bedroom naked and crying because I wanted to call my mommy to ask what to do about clothing on Valentine's Day night. It just was all so ridiculous. I don't know how to have a grownup relationship. And definitely not with someone whose life is so outrageously different from mine. I was in a panic that Josh would come looking for me and my bad attitude would ruin his mood. So it was like, "Hurry up and finish crying! Just get it all out and pull your shit together quick." I put on one of Josh's button-down shirts and went to find him in the kitchen.

Josh was plating food and suggested I go sit down. He made bacon-wrapped scallops. I didn't tell him but they were just okay. Ate them anyway. Got in a better mood. The night got back on track. Later, after we'd had sex, I mentioned to Josh that almost every time we do, it's on sheets his mother picked out. Josh didn't see the big deal. "It's like your mommy is here, practically each time." He laughed at me. I couldn't figure out how to make Josh see my point, so I dropped it. But it's weird! It IS weird.


Just Me said...

Well you COULD buy his mother sheets, and then think about HER having sex on sheets YOU bought. Because that would be even weirder.

Nina said...

I guess I see why you feel it's weird, but I don't actually think it is weird. I mean, sheets are just sheets. Josh's mom actually lives in that house, so her imprint is on a lot more stuff than just the sheets. And didn't Josh's parents help pick out your apartment?...I can't remember anymore. Anyway, I think it's just one of those things where it depends on how you look at it. What I find weird and try hard not to think about is having sex on hotel sheets where people do all kinds of unspeakable things.