Monday, April 2, 2012

And the freak flag flies

About every other month, I take some of my savings to go get waxing done. Most of the time I shave my bikini line and legs, and tweeze my eyebrows. But waxing is better. It's a better job, and lasts longer.

This morning when we were getting dressed, Josh asked what I was doing today. So I told him. He was still kind of half asleep as he mumbled that he wanted to watch. I whipped around to look him in the eyes. "Whoa, did I just say that out loud?" Um, YES.

Look, I try to be really open-minded about kinks. If you want to shove a gerbil up your ass, as long as you find a way to get the gerbil to give consent it's okay with me. But to be honest, I don't want to be in a relationship with the gerbil-shover.

I thought I was in a relationship with someone on the same gerbil level as me. Why would you want to watch someone get a bikini wax? It's not sexy. "You can find one to watch on Youtube." No. Josh wants to watch me specifically.

My problem with this is he's trying to take something kind of ... gross, and believe it's sexy. What if he looks at me differently after? Then he'll think I'm not sexy? No. I am most definitely not a fan of this idea. Josh asks me to think about it, promising it won't change how he sees me. "I'd offer to pay but know that would be offensive..." Damn straight it would.

Two hours later, I was leaving. Josh asked kind of shyly if he could come with me. Fine. My name was called. Josh asked kind of shyly if he could come into the waxing room with me. I stood up and turned to him. "You can come, if you get whatever I want you to, waxed." Two other girls waiting overheard me and started giggling.

I guess Josh really wanted to fulfill this fantasy, because he stood up to follow me. As she laid out the strips, the Filipino waxer told me not everyone lets their boyfriend watch. "You hear that? Inner sanctum." Josh giggled.

The chair Josh was sitting on was near my shoulder, so ultimately he didn't get the money shot he was hoping for or expecting. That was not my problem. I let him in. I got to have him waxed. This is why Josh is now sporting waxed eyebrows. Such the metrosexual.


OTRgirl said...

I love that you made him get a waxing, too! You should have done his back so he'd know how painful and non-sexy the process really is. (though he doesn't sound like someone who NEEDS a back wax)

L said...

Ha ha ha! This is great. You are clever to think of setting a condition to letting him watch.