Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just like that

I don't know what Alex has been doing but over the weekend she showed me that her blanket has a huge hole in it. Like as if the fabric just wore away straight through. Al asked if I could sew it shut. I can't. Never mind it being a bitch and a half to sew with a broken arm. Never mind how long it would take. The blanket didn't rip on a seam. The best I'd be able to do would be to sew a panel of fabric over the ripped part.

Josh heard this, pulled out his credit card, handed it to Alex, and told her to go buy a new blanket. She looked at me, then back at him. "Really?" Josh laughed. "Yes, really. Keep it under like $350." My jaw dropped. Alex's jaw dropped. "Really really?!" Josh swore it was okay. "Just like that? With a credit card?!" Alex was kind of jumping up and down. There is nothing she loves more than shopping for any sort of home furnishings.

So Alex took our sister and skipped off to buy a new blanket. She came home with a purple and white Marimekko one, with yellow and purple sheets. For just over $200. I think the yellow looks like pee, but she is happy.

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