Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Running away

Because I am so excellent at dealing with my problems, about 12 hours after my last post, I called Josh's mom and asked if I could take a vacation at her house over the weekend. Josh was not thrilled. "You're leaving me stuck at home with two teenage girls? If you want a vacation, let's just go skiing for the weekend or something." He could not understand how I could view his house as a vacation and why I wouldn't want to spend the weekend with him. Perfect. So I left an angry boy with two angry girls. Maybe they'd all just kill each other and make my life simpler.

Saturday morning I was given breakfast in bed. A veggie omelet, fruit salad, and orange juice. Everything was really good, except then when I finished, I was kind of stuck. It was really funny to flail around trying to figure out how to get out of bed without spilling any food crumbs on the bed. It was like one of those first world problems. I had to work Saturday which kind of ... wasn't the most vacation-y thing to do. But all the tutoring kids were cool, two of the parents offered hot chocolates when I got there (took one from the people who don't have a cat that's allowed to jump on counters) and it went by quickly.

When I got back to Laurie's, she was waiting for me. She'd arranged for us to go spa-ing. I don't know if that's a real word. We got massages and pedicures. I steamed. It was great. It was relaxing. It lasted until we were almost home and then some guy pushed past me running down the street, I put my hand out so as to not fall, and scraped up the back of my hand. Josh's dad cleaned up all the blood and put bandages on even though I told him I could do it.

On Sunday I got breakfast in bed again. When I made a comment about Laurie doing too much, she waved me off. "I thought this was your vacation." It was a different breakfast - oatmeal with banana and strawberry slices. After finishing, I just went back to bed. It wasn't until after noon that I got up. When I got out of the shower, Josh's dad wanted to look at my hand again, and after that Laurie asked me to run errands with her. So we wandered around the city crossing things off her list. Around dinnertime, Josh called to ask all kicked puppy-like, if he could meet me for dinner. "You may join me on vacation."

That boy is over-confident. He must have packed before checking with me, because he was there like a half hour later. My head was clearly on vacation because it wasn't until Laurie asked about my sisters that I thought, "Oh yeah - are they sleeping home alone?"

When Josh and I were about to go to bed, I poked him. "While I'm on vacation, I take my breakfasts in bed." He smirked at me. "When is vacation over?" It was over when we left for school. Being on vacation at someone's home is so much better than it would be in a hotel. In a hotel you would have to open the door even if breakfast was being delivered. You'd have to get out of bed. I so lucked out.

Since getting home I have completely ignored my sisters to keep the vacation feeling strong. So far, it's working.


Anonymous said...

That is great! You deserve more vacations like that.

Nina said...

^^I agree! Glad you're getting a break from the crazy!