Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend WraPup

We went skiing. Well, snowboarding. I vary drastically and am either doing great, or totally out of control and about to break my neck crashing into a tree. The decision to go was so last minute that I didn't even start thinking about the cost until this morning (I'm making progress!). When I asked Josh, we were eating breakfast and he kind of shook his head and didn't answer me, like it was so little the cost was irrelevant or something. Then he changed the subject and I forgot about it until we got home and I was unpacking.

Our fire family dinner was a little awkward because of everyone being angry at everyone, but there were two tvs on - one with the Superbowl and one with the Puppybowl and we just separated. Four times I was about to say something to Dani and then remembered. Imagine how many more times it would be if I'd been home.

Tomorrow I am making a fancy dinner for Josh. And me. And nobody else. Which is maybe a bit passive-aggressive. But if you don't like what I've done for you, then I won't do things for you. So we will have lamb, with new potatoes and baby carrots (yes, I got this from a movie), and then homemade chocolate pudding and whipped cream that I made tonight. My sisters can make their own dinner or eat leftovers if there are any.

In thinking back over this weekend what really stands out is that I very badly want a puppy. When Josh and I talked about it, we weren't really sure we'd have the time to invest in training a puppy to be as well-behaved as we'd want it to be. Josh suggested we could get a dog walker, or send it to doggy daycare. But then that's like all the people who have babies and then send them to daycare. So nothing has changed really - I want a puppy and am still not home enough to get one.

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