Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hopefully it wasn't offensive that even though I'm not Jewish, I spent almost all day Sunday in Laurie's kitchen, cooking. For Passover. This probably isn't the most Jewy thing to say, but I was in heaven. Spent about seven hours dancing around a beautiful kitchen, listening to an iPod and playing with food. Some people go to a spa; I go cooking.

Laurie told me there were a lot of older people coming to the seder, so she needed the food to be on the more bland side. That was kind of a bummer, but I just made everything taste as absolutely good as possible. So the (practically plain) baked chicken was super moist, the roasted brussel sprouts were fabulous (caught myself before adding bacon). There were two different kinds of kugel, and I wanted to make a mushroom soup but Laurie told me to stay traditional and try that another time so I cranked out a matzoh ball soup instead. On Monday night when people were finishing up the dinner, I snuck into the kitchen and made whipped cream to go with the strawberries. Even though making whipped cream is really easy and quick, people seem to be very impressed with it. I always assume those people have never attempted it, because if they had, they'd know it's three ingredients and five minutes.

My sisters were invited, because they always are. The overall rule when you go to Josh's house is, no t-shirts, no sneakers. Those are clothes for strictly working out, but not for wearing when doing anything else. I spent Sunday cooking in what Josh calls my national costume (jeans & black tank) but when I went over on Monday for the seder, my hair was NOT in a ponytail, and I had on a skirt and nice top. Danielle wore her fancy jeans, a sweater, and borrowed a pair of my shoes. Alex though. What a bitch. She showed up in ponytail, capri leggings, a t-shirt, and Chucks. I got there first, and when Alex walked through the door she looked right at me and smirked.

My eyeballs promptly fell out of my head, but Josh swooped in to save the day, by doing the only thing that would solve the problem of Alex. He told on her to his mother. Laurie took one look at Alex and whisked her away down the bedroom hallway. She always likes to be there to welcome people when they come through the front door, so I knew Alex was giving Laurie a hard time when she wasn't there as more and more people arrived.

When Alex came back, she was wearing one of Laurie's sweaters, no shoes, and her hair looked right. Seriously, I deserve an award for the maturity I displayed by not smirking at her.


Anonymous said...

I guess you get to write these posts - so that at least you get to smirk privately in public - if that makes sense
Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time.

So--all you people with teenagers--how long does this stage last?

Anonymous said...

What were the two kinds of kugel?

I don't understand why bacon was avoided but meat and dairy together was okay.

Three ingredients? Cream, sugar, and?

sam said...

Onion kugel, and matzoh-apple kugel. I can't answer kosher questions - I just followed the rules laid out before me.

Anonymous said...

How do you make whipped cream?