Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rape culture

It's been kind of depressing to be female lately. To know people are getting literally, raped to death in India. Let's face it - we all know it's not only happening in far away India. Though, I'll say this for India: props to their government for jumping to create a slew of stricter laws pretty quickly. Our government can't do that.

Then there's Steubenville. I can't even. That CNN lady who went on and on about how sad it is for the BOYS? And everybody talking about how sons need to be TAUGHT to not rape? I'm sorry, but if a boy needs to be taught to keep his dick in his pants unless it gets an Evite to come out, then maybe he shouldn't be allowed out in public without supervision by someone who has a stun gun.

So it's kind of a relief to have stumbled across Kirsten Gillibrand giving shit to Army people. She makes me so proud to be a New Yorker. Which is nice, because lately nobody's been making me proud of being anything (a woman, an American, etc.).


Nina said...

thanks for sharing that link. So proud of her!

And I'm with you on all the "what is the world coming to?" sentiment. Sadly, I think it just shows how little we've "progressed" in terms of all the things we as women seem to take for granted lately. For me, it shows that feminism is still relevant and there's still much work to be done.

Anonymous said...

How is feminism relevant to solving this?