Monday, May 13, 2013

Fooding it up

Asparagus is in season right now. I got it into my head that we should have pancetta-wrapped asparagus with dinner tonight. Okay, for dinner tonight. Except Josh is not really down with just eating vegetables as a meal. So.

We had invited his parents over for a mother's day dinner. Everyone always seems to do brunch for mother's day. I don't know why.

There were really good strawberries at the farmer's market so I got three pints and decided to make a strawberry shortcake. Josh nearly screwed it up by eating almost a third of the strawberries.

So tonight's mother's day dinner was:
- baked salmon with fresh dill
- pancetta-wrapped asparagus
- mashed potatoes (with pancetta and parsley)
- strawberry shortcake

I have these little herb plants on the windowsill and put some mint in the drinks too. Lately I've been trying to use the plants more. Partially because I haven't been and that's silly to waste them, and partially because they're getting a little too big and I'm scared someone will knock them over.

Dinner was kind of nice. Alex came home in the middle and we all ignored her so she ignored us back.  I couldn't really write out "Happy mother's day" on the cake, so just made a heart with strawberry slices on the top instead. Josh told me it was a little Valentinesy but whatever, there weren't a lot of options after I'd committed to that dessert.

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Nina said...

sounds lovely, Sam. :) and delicious!