Saturday, June 8, 2013


When we are home there is a lot to get done. There is school and work and other work and home and boyfriend and sisters and meals. It never stops.

In a way, it's exhausting and you always worry one of the balls being juggled will fall. Not only will it fall but you won't notice it's fallen until it's gotten moldy from laying broken on the ground for so long. On the other though, there's no down time to panic about anything. Sometimes in the shower you start thinking about the enormity of something and then realize there's somebody else waiting to take their shower and you haven't packed lunch yet.

I am in Spain. Bienvenida. The intensity of home is not here. It's humid, but not so hot you want create a law that anyone going on the train must shower with soap first. I know broken Spanish, but not any Catalan at all. When people talk, I don't even really bother listening to them because odds are good I won't understand what they say anyway. School is done. Forever. Josh's parents tried to talk to me about going to grad school but I don't want to. The whole point in picking the major I did was to go into a profession that would earn enough of a salary that wouldn't require more education.

My sisters are in good hands. I am not worrying about either one of them for the whole summer. There is no juggling. I have taken two fifteen-minute showers so far. Each meal eaten has involved sitting down. There is tons of time for everything. Time to think. Time to move slowly. Time to watch people. Time to stare at my boyfriend. Time to explore. It's insane how much time there is to do everything.


Suzy said...

Enjoy Spain!!! Enjoy your time to yourself and with Josh.

Save grad school for later on, you might discover a new passion in your 30's and you can go back then for more education. There is no hurry!

Nina said...

I'm so happy for you Sam. You deserve the break.