Friday, April 25, 2014

Off the hook

Our fire family wound up cancelling. It's all for the best because I got a bad case of ... cooker's block. Josh must have noticed because he texted me at work this morning to say he would be taking over dinner tonight and I was responsible only for showing up. 

One one hand this was great. It was exactly what I need. Every day this week has involved working to at least 8pm. There is no time during the day to fantasize about food for dinners. This makes me sad. It turns out you really have to work at work. It's not like college where you can just zone out and make mental lists of all the different foods you'd like to cook for all the different people in your life. Or not in your life. 

On the other hand, as sweet as it is when Josh decides to take over, it also makes me nervous. He now knows how to make about half a dozen meals, and two of them are hit or miss. When he pulls in one of my sisters his repertoire goes up to ten. So all this adds up to having to put myself in the mood for one of his meals and to clean up afterwards. 

(I just noticed how this all looks and wish I could start each paragraph with "O" but there's no way to turn what I want to say into a word starting with that.) At 7:56 I got home. By 8:02 we were eating scallops, cooked perfectly. Josh read a recipe and made it. Linguine, scallops, peas and brown butter. The butter was slightly off, but everything else was perfect, and for Josh's first time it's pretty damn impressive. 

After dinner I cleaned and Josh ... complimented me? Apparently I make it look easy and effortless so Josh was inspired. Then he made homemade whipped cream for the strawberries we ate as dessert.  I am strongly considering having cooker's block a lot more often.


~C~ said...

Wow that's awesome - good for Josh. And better for you. :)

Mizasiwa said...

If you get home so late the rest of the family have to pick up the bat and help be creative for dinners without help - otherwise you will never be able to get your cook on again! Well done Josh!