Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yes, please move

Now Josh's sister wants to move to LA. Great, off you go. I don't even care that this probably isn't a good idea for her. She's got some sort of eating disorder. Moving to a place that is so superficial won't help her. She hasn't lived with a roommate at all in her entire life because she tries to keep her eating habits secret. Josh told me that when she was in high school, she went through a phase where she was only eating baby carrots. Literally, that was the only thing she ate. And so her skin started to turn orange from all the beta-carotene.

When she's here, she binges. This is probably awful of me, but I estimated how much her eating is costing us. Over $130 a week. That's for one person. She's not a can-of-soup kind of girl. I can see in her some of the same habits Josh had when we moved in together when it comes to wastefulness. Trying out a new recipe, having it fail and throwing the whole thing out? Check. Cleaning up a spill with half a roll of paper towel instead of a rag? Check. Inviting casual acquaintances over for a meal? Check.

That's on top of eating a LOT more than the average person eats. Like eating an entire pint of organic blueberries for breakfast. Several times when I've had almost all of dinner ready and just popped back in the kitchen to complete the last thing, she will take half the scallops set out for everyone, and walk away with her plate. The night she did that I served the remaining scallops to my sisters and Josh's parents, and when Josh asked, "Don't I get any?" I glared at him and said, "Nope." We now plan that she eats as much as three people.

I know Laurie needs to have someone around her, to make sure she eats, to watch the side effects of chemo, all that. I know that Laurie's ego will not allow for a private nurse. I know Laurie needs someone taking her to her chemo, to her acupuncture, to her shrink. I know that even though her daughter is a bitch, Laurie is glad to have time with her. But I can't wait until she leaves. September can't come fast enough. 


Suzanne said...

Josh needs to talk to her. Allowing her to walk all over you guys like that is not right for anyone. I don't think the issue is how much she is costing you, more that she is being disrespectful to everyone. She isn't a princess and it is about time someone told her...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she'll be moving along on her own soon enough. Doubt she'll last until September. Her behavior seems very much like that of my bipolar sister.