Friday, August 7, 2015

Bandanas and glasses

Laurie now wears a hat any time she leaves the house. None of us can see any hair loss, still. On Tuesday when I came home from work, Laurie was dressed as a Crip with a blue bandana on her head, and an outfit that matched it. In a complete coincidence, I was wearing a red dress. Alex took one look and started humming that Jets/Sharks song from West Side Story.

At dinner we found out that Laurie had ordered her bandana online. We were all trying not to laugh as we gently let her know in the future she could buy them at the drugstore down the street.

Josh told his sister she's got to get out and spend less time at our house. She is breaking and neglecting our stuff (yes, I realize a lot of this is stuff Josh stole from his parents' kitchen, but at least we take good care of it) left and right. We are down half a dozen drinking glasses, two wine glasses, and more. She routinely (still eats all our food) neglects to close the refrigerator all the way. She uses knives (like, chef knives) to slice open cardboard boxes and leaves them all over the house. Including on the floor once.

Please do not worry that she will be homeless, because she won't. She can go stay at her parents' house. She can go stay with friends. She can get her own apartment. But she can not stay here, breaking our things and making messes. We are trying to transfer her from being a family member who should make herself at home, to a guest. Who sits primly on the couch and doesn't go in the kitchen. Ever.

P.S. Thank you for the article. I showed it to Josh's dad. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam. Just curious, when you note that none of the rest of you can see any hair loss on Laurie, that none of the rest of you think Laurie's hair looks any different, are you saying that you don't think that she is really losing any hair though she claims to be, or are you saying that though she is losing hair, she doesn't need to be concerned with wearing a hat any time she leaves the house?

Amanda said...

Funny, I just read an article today ( on Bustle ) about knowing when someone has checked out of being in a relationship with you and one of the signs was that they are careless with your belongings and break your things. Perhaps the sister will be leaving soon. If she isn't getting the message just borrow the bandana and go all gangster on her. Blame it on the stress you are all under!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are doing okay Sam. Please update us when you can.

Off topic: What are your thoughts regarding this?

Suzanne said...

Worrying about you! It's been too long!

Anonymous said...

where are you?????

Nina said...

You're in my thoughts tonight, Sam. I hope you're doing alright.

WestCoastWannaBe said...

You're in my thoughts too. Maybe you don't need the blog anymore... There is a season for everything. But please know for the rest of my life you will cross my mind often and I'll always wonder how you are and send you love from across the miles. And if you're just taking time away then yay - we will see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything's okay, or at least status quo, that you are simply very busy, and not that anything has worsened or any new disasters have arisen.

When you feel up to posting, we will be here to read your updates.

In the meantime, please make sure to take time to take care of yourself as you no doubt continue to take care of everyone else.

Whatever Laurie's status might be, certainly the high holidays this year will be especially emotionally and tiring for the family.

May we all have reason to celebrate in the new year.

Karen said...

^^^ what she said. Thinking of you and Laurie and Josh.