Thursday, September 24, 2015

An extra boost

Tomorrow Laurie goes for scans to see how well the chemo worked. Josh met me at the front door and warned me today that she had an extra boost of crazy in preparation. Honestly, it's weird to think she might be dying. Laurie works out almost every day. Sometimes she'd skip the day after chemo. Aside from chemo side-effects, the only sickly symptoms she's ever had are side-effects of other medications taken to deal with either the side-effects of chemo or side effects of medication taken to deal with possibly dying.

Josh mentioned he might be going crazy. We are supposed to be going away for Thanksgiving, but that could change depending on what happens with Laurie. I am not sure that will be enough, or be soon enough. I almost wonder if Josh needs anti-depressants or anti-anxiety or something. My job with the crazy hours is supposed to end late next week and maybe couples running will help Josh. 


Karen said...

couples running will definitely help Josh. He could be running alone while you are still working on the crazy job. And if he feels like he would benefit from antidepressants or an antianxiety med right now, that would be a good idea too. What he's going through is one of the most stressful things a person ever has to go through. Hang in there.

SmileyGirl said...

How are the two of you doing? I'm sure Josh is scared and with you working so much he hasn't had you to lean on. It will definitely help to have you around more. Meds wouldn't hurt to help him through at least for a bit. I hope the scans go well and everyone is able to work through the emotions of this challenging time. I'm sure this hasn't been easy on you either. Take it easy and take care of you too.