Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big softie

Last night Alex asked what I'm making for dinner tonight. I told her nothing, because who would feel like cooking for ungrateful brats who don't help or appreciate it. She nodded and walked away.  When I got home tonight, it was about 7:30. First I was going to make some ravioli and a salad for dinner, but then decided it'd be better (for me) to just make what I wanted.

Right as I walked into the kitchen to wash my hands though, Alex came home. With her ... boyfriend? The boy who took her for free ice cream.  He's cute. He smiles and laughs really easily. He's easy-going and has a similar personality to Alex; I can see why she likes him. The line was over an hour-long to get their free cone. They seem like they had fun. Evan announced he was expected home at 9:30 and then asked what was for dinner. I'd forgotten he was coming and felt bad for not having planned well.

Alex asked if we could make chicken parm with garlic bread and salad. Evan told her he knows how to make homemade salad dressing and they started pulling out food, so I walked out. And they made dinner. The couch and I bonded over homework while giggling escaped from the kitchen. Al ran out a few times to ask me questions but basically did it all herself.

It is ridiculous to be impressed with a 13 year-old to make dinner (almost) herself since I've been doing it since I was 9 or 10 but I'm definitely relieved that it was done. Evan shook everyone's hand when he was leaving. Later, Al told me she walked him to the elevator and then he walked her back to the door. Cuteness.


Mizasiwa said...

Hey - just wanted to let you know that my sisters who are 16 and 17 dont cook - EVER! they sit on the couch all afternoon and wait for me to come home - they dont even set things up, little brats indeed!!
Sounds like Alex has found a good boy thats great!

Anonymous said...

sometimes you have to step back so others can step forward, good job for all of you

OTRgirl said...

I didn't learn to cook until college, so I'm impressed with all of you! I'm glad she stepped up. Evan sounds like a great kid.